“From the union between the quality of Selektia products and the cuisine of the Chefs, authentic dishes are born that characterize our culinary experiences”

Inside Casa Selektia you can immerse yourself in a tasty journey made of authentic and refined flavors based on one of the most prestigious ingredients that nature offers: truffles.


“An innovative space that does not renounce tradition.”

Casa Selektia tells trought the territory, the passion and the wise search for unique details. A dynamic place, where you can buy products and learn about new ways of cooking in a location with a refined design, where you can stop for dinner or sip a good wine in company tasting excellent products; a space to celebrate events, expose their creations and know the excellence of our wonderful territory. A real journey through the flavours and products of the Selektia Tartufi world.


“A journey through the products and history of Selektia Tartufi.”

A real degusteria where you can sip good wine and enjoy the products that Selektia offers, a journey through unique ingredients and search for new recipes enclosed in high quality products ready to use and buy.



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